Human Values and Culture in Literature

Literature is the origin of humanity’s cultures, beliefs, and ancient traditions of any country carrying the vast culture and heritage of that country. It serves as a reflection of society, reality,the ancient cultureof the country .Ethics is a study of moral issues in the fields of individualand collective interaction which is the un divided part of literature. Today with the rapid progress ofscientific culture most people have forgotten their true values and its divinity because ‘scientifically’ it cannot be proved in the web world. They are ignorant of true purpose of life which is spiritual Self-awakening. Now a day under the narrow definition of Freedom and with the postmodern western concept of‘Individualism’ people in India lost their ethical values of life likesolidarity, natural love, forbearance, compassion, generosity, and morality whereas westerners attracted by Indian traditional  divine arts like yoga, meditation, saint life style. The standing example is scientist Einstein is the regular reader of Bhagwad Gita. Hinduism believes that it is an undeniable factthat in the evolution of history of human culture andcivilization, spiritual force plays an important role. Still itgives importance to the motto of work as worship or serviceto humanity is service to God “Naraseva Narayan seva”. Indian thought has placed Dharma orthe principle of righteousness and virtue as the primaryvalue. This Dharma is a multiple concept and includes thoseprinciples of virtuous conduct, goodness, morality and truth giving top priority to humanity. The Vedantic approach and the tolerance if fostered becamethe tonic note of the Indian symphony. A direct outcome ofnon-alignment, of “Live and let Live” is the doctrine ofAhimsa, nonviolence. Ahimsa is called the highest virtue orway of life. In the voice of Ahimsa could be listened more andmore in the modern world ,in the assemblies of the Nationsthere would be less and less of war-mongering and massacrethat are going on. The strong relation betweenreligion and art presupposes the relevance of ethical haze in

literature. To be clear religion ethics, artsliterature and society all areinter-related. As regards the presence of ethics poetry,fiction orplay is the most powerful medium of which society can beimpressed and influenced to a great extent.

Literature gives not only mental entertainment but through it the touch of ethics isneeded for the society.Everything that happens within a society can be written, recorded in, and learned from a piece of literature.Literature kindles new ideas and gives voice to the people also it is the heart of songs, rhythmic and harmonious pieces that give message and inspiration to people to do noble things which spreads harmony in the society.. As long as our world lives, so does literature flourish There is a saying in Hindi “ andhkaar hai vah jagah jahan aaditya nahi ,murda hai vah jagah jahan sahitya nahi” (The place is full of darkness where there is no Sun, That nation is like corpse where there is no literature).ThusLiterature allows us to transmit the profound meanings of a determinate culture , its stereotypes, archetypes and collective in conscience, creating the possibility of social change through a critic that is able to act into the subliminal world of emotions.

We do talk about values and culture as literary constructs but as such it is these traits which enable the making of perfect humans. In this age of excellence when all are aiming and targeting ,it becomes essential to inculcate and nurturehuman values.Indian history stands a witness to this that mathematician like Ramanujan

Medical scientists like charak, astronomers   like Aryabhatta and economists like Chanakya were amalgamation of knowledge. They had comprehensive knowledge of all fields.For this reason the theme of this conference is pertinent for the academicians from different fields and the Nations and is multidisciplinary in nature.

Sub- themes for Inter disciplinary streams :


  1. Significance of values in Management
  2. Organizational culture
  3. Corporate social responsibility
  4. Ethical/social issues in Management
  5. Creating ethical climate in corporate sectors
  6. Diversity in management- Equal opportunity to all.
  7. Creation of harassment –free work place
  8. Creation of discrimination free environment


  1. Values and Ethics in Science
  2. Science and Technology for Human Welfare.
  3. Innovations and Human development.
  4. Human values and Eco friendly environment
  5. Development of Science & Technology –“Human Values”?
  6. Science –A tool to Humanity.


  1. Human values in Literature
  2. Depiction of culture in Literature
  3. Indian Literature & Human Values
  4. Western Literature & Human values
  5. Global and Local Culture
  6. Ethical, social, cultural values in poetry/fiction
  7. Language and traditional values
  8. Indian/ Western mythology and Human Values
  9. Any topic relevant to the title.
  10. Folklore and Human values.

  • Best Presentation Award - 25,000 /- 
  • Best Poster Presentation - 20,000 /-
  • Best Research Paper Award in Each Discipline  - 30,000 /-

Conference Chairman
Prof. Anil Mehra

Organizing Secretary
Dr. Surajmal Rao